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Rancho Santa Margarita Leak Detection Services

Early Leak Detection Can Help Prevent Costly Water Leak Repair

Leak detection is a critical aspect of ensuring that your home’s plumbing system is functioning properly and safely. Detecting leaks early can save you money on water bills and help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on repairing excessive damage.

Plumbing Solutions specializes in leak detection and location services. Our Rancho Santa Margarita leak detection experts are highly trained in performing necessary tests and pinpointing the precise location of leaks. Once we have found the leak in your plumbing system, we will guide you through all of your options for repair.

If you suspect that you have a plumbing leak, call our licensed plumbers right away at (949) 799-4544. We offer 24/7 emergency services in Rancho Santa Margarita, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Los Angeles, and beyond for leaks that cannot wait until tomorrow.

Detecting a water Leak in Riverside, LA & Orange County

Although some leaks are obvious, it can often be difficult to detect a leak, and even harder to locate and repair. There are a number of indicators that you could have a leak in your house or building. If there is ever any doubt if you have a leak, try turning off all your property's water and heading to the water meter. If the dial is still moving then there is a leak somewhere on your property

Signs that you need leak detection:

  • Moisture on your floors - If there's ever any water or damp spots in places that there shouldn't be any, you could have a water leak in an area you can't see and should get our Rancho Santa Margarita leak detection experts in quickly.
  • Discolored floor coverings - If the water has been there long enough to discolor your floors or ceilings, then it could be causing mold and mildew growth so act quickly.
  • Rust stains in your sink or tub - Rust always occurs when there's excess water in an area that isn't suited for all that moisture. So since there's water where there shouldn't be any, you likely need water leak repair.
  • Damp spots on your ceilings or walls - If you're lucky the water leak will be in a location that will produce a noticeable water stain. Make sure to act quickly here as a small leak can turn into a big problem if left to its own devices.
  • Pipes that bang loudly and constantly - Always take note of any new sounds coming from your plumbing. They could be an indication that something has gone awry with your plumbing.
  • Higher water bills than normal - One of the worst ways to find out you need our leak detection experts is through water bill that is simply too high.
  • Wet soil erosion near the building’s foundation - If there is excess water near or around your home's foundation it could throw off the foundation and put your home at risk of a slab leak.
  • Bad odors coming from the floors or walls - If there is mold or mildew growth occurring in your drywall you may not be able to see it, but trust your nose on this one.
  • The sound of running water when no faucets are on - You shouldn't be hearing unused plumbing appliances and if there is water moving around when no appliance is being used, you should call in our Rancho Santa Margarita water leak repair professionals.
  • Recurring sewer backups - If your sewer is constantly backed up, there could be pressure on your sewer line. Sewer line leaks are hard to notice so call in our Rancho Santa Margarita leak detection experts.

Plumbing Solutions Is Ready for Your Call

If you see any of the warning signs mentioned above, call our Rancho Santa Margarita water leak repair specialists immediately. We will arrive as soon as possible, quickly locate the problem, and provide a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Let our experienced leak repair plumbers help you prevent further damage and expense to your property. Call us now at (949) 799-4544.

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    “I have a Condo in RSM and noticed that I had a water leak coming into my shower. I called Shane at Plumbing Solutions and he was out within the hour. Introduced himself and walked into the bathroom and said "You don't have a leak, it's your neighbor above in 3 minutes! We went upstairs explained the situation and asked to see her shower. In 30 seconds he diagnosed what was leaking. This man is really good! He's in my phone to stay, need I say more? I don't have time to screw around, do you?”

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    James H.

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